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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fast and Furious 7 Not a movie review

Watched this one the day it released ... And boy this one was one hell of a ride ...  Supercars ... Flying cars ... Para dropping  Cars .... Racing Cars .... Street car chases ... And the technological marvel known as Gods eye ... My my that was one wonderful bit of conceptual tech which got a tech geek like me very excited ... I mean just think about the possibilities ... Oh those who don't know what I am talking about .. Well the god particle is a tech which can be used to track anyone anywhere .... It uses all the available cameras in the vicinity like the CCTV setup and whatever other cameras that are linked to the internet like the cameras attached to your cell phones ... Phew just imagine if that becomes real ... Scary ... If you can't understand my explanation of the tech plz do watch the film to understand it better.

Now as I have done earlier I don't want to get into the story of the film ... All I will say for now is it's a fantastic film and a very beautiful tribute to the late Paul Walker ... Believe me when I say I saw grown men with tears in their eyes after the film.

It really got me thinking about the magic of cinema.... The way it keeps everyone alive even after they are gone.... It felt so good to see Paul Walker. That's the beauty of cinema. 

As always I try and observe what I can learn, well this is not a preachy film so this one is a little difficult for me. Primarily I can say that I hope a thing such as the gods eye is never developed, if it is then maybe we will have to go live in a cave away from all gadgets to keep our privacy intact. But is it really intact today, I mean whatever these tech giants claim, I sometimes do get the feeling that all our private conversations and mails can be snooped upon as and when they want to. The good thing about the plain old postal mail was the amount or ability to snoop was less and very difficult when it came to snooping without being detected. I mean a small tear or signs of re sealing would have alerted us that someone has been reading our mails. But with emails I guess we will never know. Technology has certainly made our life easier but it has also made it more public and too open. So people always think before you type, that's the new mantra, the old one was look before you leap. 

As for this film it is must watch for all you fanatics because it's well made and you have to give that ovation and claps to Paul one last time. Enjoy the ride yes beware of the gods eye. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Disney's Cinderella Not a movie review

Saw the film a few days ago and here I am again with my special take, which is not going to be a movie review but what I saw in the movie. So, here we go.

I am not going to be narrating the whole story here, come on it's an age old fairy tale and almost everyone might be knowing it, okay not almost everyone, but everyone who's read the story. But still a lot of you might. 

The most powerful line in this latest version of Cinderella made by Disney is, "Have courage and be kind". Such a simple but powerful line. That's what Cinderella's mom told her and it took her some time to completely understand it but eventually she did. How many of us do understand the power of that line. The power of kindness and the importance of having courage. In life we all want to do lots of thing and want to be a lot of things, but then how many of us do actually have the courage to pursue these dreams and go ahead to achieve them. Most of us end up entering the rat race and start existing because of the want of stability and ya money. A very few of us show true courage and go ahead and pursue that dream, and attain that greatness which we always desire. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and then there quite a few of us who don't , not because we can't, but we just lack that little bit of courage to work towards it. Fear stops us it does, the day we overcome it we will be able to achieve a lot of things in life. So, in life always have the courage to do what you have always wanted to do. 

Now to the next part, what is more difficult than having courage is being kind. Whoever you are or whatever you might have achieved in life always remember to be kind and considerate towards others and to those who have been less fortunate than you. Kindness in itself is a great power. It will earn you respect and you'll never be alone in life. You'll earn the greatest wealth of it all. The love of people and the universe. So, remember HAVE COURAGE AND BE KIND. 

Now back to Cinderella , it's a beautiful story and Disney has definitely made a good film with some really crisp editing and beautiful visuals. The movie is really very pleasing to the eye. 

Personally I find the story beautiful but yes it's a bit depressing if you actually look at it from the position Cinderella is. Truly it does require a lot of courage to go through all she has been through and still manage to smile. The end is happy, no doubt beautiful, but I will not wish anyone go through the pain the poor girl goes through, before the story reaches it's happy ending. But, then such is the world of fairy tales, there are always a lot of dark and sad things that happen here. Then again, it's a world where a little magic exists. 

But you know what, the magic exists even in our world. The magic here is belief and faith. Believe that something good is going to happen, and have faith that it will happen. There you have it that's magic. It works, just believe and have faith. 

So, before I sign off for now, remember the powerful lines from this film. HAVE COURAGE AND BE KIND, and HAVE FAITH AND BELIEVE IN THAT BIT OF MAGIC. Until next time Cheers , keep smiling keep believing. 

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