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Monday, October 6, 2014


After days of being rained with advertisements on the various BILLION types of media available to advertise the DAY finally arrived OCTOBER 6th THE BIG BILLION DAY on Flipkart. With a promise of great deals and offers I was looking forward to do some very little shopping. So, here’s the timeline for a start.


This keeps repeating the whole day long whenever deals i.e the extremely good deals are updated they are just eye candy. You get to see them buy you can’t get them. Try what you want to try, refresh your browser every nano second, hit buy the moment the deal some in, practice your mouse skills, increase the capability of your computer so that it opens the site faster, take a new 4G ++++++ internet connection. Do whatever you want to do man ... you simply won’t get the deal. It’s UNPOSSIBLE as IMPOSSIBLE as the last word I mentioned. These deals are just for you to see. Like the Dinosaur eggs kept at the museum you can SEE them, you can’t TOUCH them and neither can you BUY them.

The best part is its too fast even for FLIPKART to update. The product shows on the main page and you click on it it’s out of stock, even before FLIPKART attaches the SOLD OUT label on its picture. Can’t Blame them entirely though, because the offers themselves were so outlandish, Like giving a 9000 phone for 900 etc. But my point is the way this sale had been promoted and the amount of money invested in advertising this, they could have managed it in a better manner, and either kept more stock or made their system more fool proof so that programs don’t end up buying out these offers the moment they come up or maybe just stop fooling people with more EYE-CANDY.

Except for the outlandish offers the regular offers manage to hold on a little longer but then these offers are not that great that people will spend time specifically for them or maybe be as excited about the so called BIG BILLION DAY.

Limited time offers

Dear FLIPKART had you spent a little amount of the advertisement money your used to Brand and market this sale to actually increase the inventory and manage this sale better then this DAY would and could have been better.

The Flipkart BIG BILLION DAY has surely been a BIG BIG disappointment adios FLIPKART.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

World War One - The Real Cause

On 28 June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated in Sarajevo. A murder that led to the outbreak of the First World War ... Now the important part .. read it ... The Archduke was visiting Sarajevo and was waving at people from an open carriage, there were security fears and because of which the route for the convoy had been changed ... the would be assassin was standing at a turning en route the original planned route ... the new route was that the convoy was not supposed to take that turn and go straight ... but but but ... THE DRIVER FORGOT THAT ... and took the turn .. then he realized and was planning to go back and go straight ... but by then the assassin had marked the Archduke and his Wife and fatally shot them... they died and that TRIGGERED THE FIRST WORLD WAR ... Phew so conclusion .... THE WORLD WAR ONE WAS caused because of a DRIVER'S ERROR

Friday, June 20, 2014

England decide to buy the World-Cup

Disclaimer : Any side effects like heart attacks, headache, backache, brain ache, etc (I just love the word etc), after reading this is in no way the responsibility of the author, .i.e. me.

Mario Balotelli scores the winner for Italy
The Football Association of England confirmed yesterday that they will be contacting FIFA and try and bid for the World Cup Trophy. The officials decided to do this after the team suffered a shock defeat ( it shocked them ) to Uruguay in the group stage match at the world cup. This came right after the other shock defeat England had suffered at the hands of Italy a few days ago in their opening game of the World Cup. The officials further pointed out that they lost both the matches 2-1, which they said meant, 'TO WON', which they further confirmed meant, 'TO BE WON'. The FA has taken this as a sign meaning that the World Cup is theirs, 'TO BE WON'. Now, since the players haven't been able to win it since 1966 when they had last won it on home soil, the board has decided to try and convince FIFA to let them bid for the CUP.

Luis Suarez scores his first goal

When asked about it, former England and Manchester United player, Paul Scholes said, " I feel England are past their prime and should concentrate on trying to get the cup home by any means possible". Lots of former players also echoed this sentiment. The pensioners association of England have confirmed that they will be donating half their savings to the FA to try and Bid for the cup. The Queen has confirmed the move by the FA and has wished them all the best, she also said that the cup will look great in her showcase and that the FA should leave no stones unturned in trying to get the cup.

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Movie Review - Citylights

Cast: Rajkumar Rao, Patralekha, Manav Kaul
Directed by: Hansal Mehta
Produced by: Mukesh Bhatt
Cinematography: Dev Agarwal
Music: Jeet Ganguly
Background Score: Raju Singh
Rating : 4/5

Based on Sean Ellis' acclaimed Metro Manila, Citylights is one of the Darkest films I have seen in recent times. The film tells the story of a migrant from Rajasthan , Deepak ( Rajkumar Rao) who loses his business and is in debt, decides to come to Mumbai with his wife, Rakhi (Patralekha ) and little daughter in search of a job and a brighter future. He comes to Mumbai depending on his friend Omkar to be his support in his initial days, but never finds him once he reaches here. In despair, Deepak searches for a house to stay with his family, but instead gets tricked of whatever little money he has. Circumstances forces the family to take shelter in an under construction building, while Deepak keeps searching for a job, Rakhi is forced to find work as a Bar Girl to fend off the daily expenses. Deepak finally finds a job as a security officer with an armoured security firm, which ferries safe boxes for the Ultra Rich. Everything looks to be getting  settled on the surface,  but is everything as it seems to be.  

Rajkumar Rao is fantastic in this film as a simple migrant who just wants a good life for his family. You can really connect to him , you can feel his innocence. Patralekha as the wife who really wants to help her husband in his quest is a fine counterbalance. Performances from both the lead actors are just amazing. In addition Manav Kaul as Vishnu Sir, Deepak’s mentor in this big city delivers a power packed performance as well.

Cinematography is brilliant. Shots of Deepak and his family sleeping in a dingy under construction 3BHK flat, Deepak looking towards the vast expanse of the ocean in despair,  Shots of the Doves flying around, a fallen bicycle all are powerfully canned. 

The editing of Citilights is crisp and smooth, you may not even find one frame that drags. The first half went so smoothly that I didn’t even feel that one hour went. Felt more like 20 minutes.  All in all a wonderful film, worth a watch. However, if you have watched Metro Manila , don’t expect this to be as brilliant.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Movie Review - Highway ( A Journey into Boredom)

Cast: Randeep Hooda, Alia Bhatt
Directed by: Imtiaz Ali
Produced by: Sajid Nadiadwala
Cinematography: Anil Mehta
Music: A.R. Rahman
Editing: Aarti Bajaj
Rating : 2.5/5

I know this movie is getting some rave reviews and quite a few people are praising it. But, I found the movie to have too many flaws and the pace of the movie was slow. The focus was more on the scenery than the character building. There were more scenes focusing on the landscape than dialogues or interactions between the actors. 
Chemistry not that great
Let’s talk about the story first, the story is about a girl you can call her a princess from an affluent and influential Delhi Family Veera Triparhi ( Alia Bhatt) getting kidnapped by a brazen and rough Gujjar Criminal  Mahabir Bhatti (Randeep Hooda).  The movie is dealing with the classic case of the Stockholm Syndrome, where the hostage forms an emotional bond with the kidnapper. But the way it’s dealt with has left me disappointed.  This film is trying to portray the journey of two damaged souls healing each other as they travel around the country.

As I have mentioned earlier there was lack of proper interaction between the actors, it has resulted in the chemistry just not happening. Veera’s transformation from a hapless victim to the enthusiastic co-traveler is unconvincing. The catalyst which draws them closer, the dark secrets of the past, though strong, seem portrayed in a too casual sort of a way to actually help them connect.  
 Overall, if you ask me the way the movie has dealt with the emotions is not that great. This is an Imtiaz Ali Flick, I really loved the way he dealt with emotions in Rockstar. Highway doesn’t even come close. In fact, this Highway just goes on and on and manages to bore you.  

Acting, Randeep Hooda is amazing and this could be a huge comeback movie for him. Alia Bhatt manages to impress and the monologue she delivers at the end of the film is brilliant. The cinematography by Anil Mehta is good and very scenic.  This movie is good in patches and disappointing overall. Should you watch this film, well you can , but don’t expect it to entertain.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Movie Review - Gunday

Cast: Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Irfan Khan
Directed by: Ali Abbas Zafar
Produced by: Aditya Chopra
Cinematography: Aseem Mishra
Music: Sohail Sen
Background Score: Julius Packiam
Rating : 3/5


Gunday is the story of two friends Bikram ( Ranveer Singh)and Bala (Arjun Kapoor), both orphans, together since childhood. The India- Pakistan War which lead to the creation of Bangladesh also resulted in a lot of refugees, who had no clue which side of the divide they belong to. Both, Bikram and Bala find themselves in a Bangladeshi refugee camp because of this. The situation inside the camp is desperate, with hunger being the main nemesis of everyone.  A man approaches them and offers them food, and in exchange asks them to help him smuggle guns out of the camp and sell it. They agree to become gun couriers for food.  But, then something unpleasant happens and circumstances force them to run away from Bangladesh and they reach Calcutta. 

They try to lead a honest life working in a small restaurant in Calcutta, but then again circumstances force them to leave the honest life and turn to crime. They start stealing coal from trains and selling them at half the price in the market.  Time passes and Bikram and Bala start smuggling everything from cola to steel and become the biggest crime lords of Calcutta. They are happy in their existence, but then the system decides to target them again, this time in the form of A.C.P. Satyajeet Sarkar (Irfan Khan), who is summoned to Calcutta to capture them. He warns them off and tells them that they will be finished the day he finds one shred of evidence against them. Meanwhile, both our Gangsters fall in love with the same girl Nandita ( Priyanka Chopra) a cabaret dancer, and both agree that whosoever she ends up loving will marry her. But, then life isn’t a bed of roses and not so especially if you are Bikram and Bala. One thing leads to another and you soon find them at loggerheads with each other.  

As far as the cinematography goes, the film is well shot. But, then the amount of Slow motion that has been used in the movie is just too much. Almost every second scene is in slow motion. I seriously believe that if you increase the speed of all the slow motion scenes the film will get over an hour earlier. The Music is good and the background score is also nice. The background score manages to lift the movie a bit. Ranveer Singh seems to have jumped in from the neighbouring Raam-Leela set and still in the same mood. But he does do justice to his part. Arjun Kapoor is still in Ishaqzaade, a little more in the second half of the film when it gets more serious. Irfan Khan is spectacular as the honest calculating cop. Priyanka Chopra has managed to do her role with sincerity, though it was not that challenging a role. 

The film starts in a slow manner and the first half does seem to drag, with not much happening. But, in the second half the film does pick up pace and does manage to bring out the best of all its actors. Loved the use of metaphors in the film, like a dove flying when both Bikram and Bala are about to fight each other, signifying the end of peace. The train passing in the background, when Bikram promises Nandini that he will mend his ways, signifying a new beginning.  The reflection in the mirror when looking as if Bala is pointing a gun at himself, signifying self destruction. Apart, from this, the cabaret looked too advanced for the 70’s and the heroes seemed to be inspired by the antics of Salman Khan while fighting, though he had not started acting in the 70’s.


Overall, this movie is a mixed bag. It has its highs and quite a few lows. It’s enjoyable in parts, the first part isn’t that enjoyable, but the second half has some good moments including the smart use of metaphors. Go watch it if you are a fan of Masala flicks, and oh if you love to whistle, then the movie will give you ample opportunity to do so.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Movie Review - Hasee toh Phasee

MovieHasee toh Phasee
Cast: Sidharth Malhotra , Parineeti Chopra, Adah Sharma, Manoj Joshi, Sharat Saxena, Neena Kulkarni
Directed by: Vinil Mathew
Produced by: Karan Johar, Vikas Bahl, Vikramaditya Motwane, Anurag Kashyap
Written by: Harshavardhan Kulkarni
Music: Vishal- Shekhar
Rating : 4/5

Let me begin by stating that this is one Rom-com that I enjoyed watching, not that I am not a fan of romantic comedies, but just that most of the films made in this genre of late have managed to disappoint me. I believe it’s a pretty difficult genre to make movies in, add a little more emotions and the comedy goes for a toss, and add a little more comedy and the romance goes for a toss. Its always difficult to strike a perfect balance between the two and yet manage to make an entertaining film.  Well, Hasee to Phasee has managed to do that up to a certain extent. 

Let’s talk about the story, Nikhil ( Sidharth Malhotra ) is a struggling business man coming from a family filled with IAS, IPS, etc officers. Basically, he is the odd man out in the family. His, girlfriend Karishma (Adah Sharma) is an actress who comes from a successful business family. Nikhil is someone who believes in commitment and is a type of person who will never stray away from his girl. Now, Nikhil and Karishma are supposed to be married in 7 days and Karishma wants Nikhil to prove that he is not a loser and asks him to arrange for 5 crores before the marriage. In the meantime, Meeta ( Parineeti Chopra) who is Karishma’s younger sister has returned. Meeta is a eccentric lady, a chemical engineer from IIT and she is someone who had run away from home after stealing her fathers’ money 7 years ago during their elder sister Diksha’s wedding after her father refused to give her the money she required to do a project she wanted to do. She had run off to China and had had set up a lab over there. But, that incident 7 years ago had shocked her dad ( Manoj Joshi) and had resulted in him having a heart attack.  Karishma, is very troubled by Meeta’s return and entrusts Nikhil with the job of keeping her away from her Father.  

That’s where the story begins, woh saat din. Nikhil and Meeta develop feelings towards each other. So watch the movie to know what happens next, does Nikhil marry Karishma, or Meeta, and why has Meeta returned in the first place after so many years. Does, Nikhil manage to get his 5 crores. Now I won’t be writing the whole story here. Parineeti Chopra as Meeta is very good as the eccentric mad scientist , who keeps popping pills to ward off depression. Sidharth Malhotra does a good job of essaying the role of a struggling businessman, struggling to settle his life and struggling to understand his love. Manoj Joshi  as the father  of the bride is superb and the way he delivers his one liners tickles your funny bone.  

 Adah Sharma looks refreshingly pleasant , well the last time I saw her was 1920 as a possessed girl and she looked scary in it. She does a good job essaying the role of Karishma, the bride to be.  I enjoyed every bit of the movie, the cinematography was delightful and the editing was crisp, the movie keeps up a steady tempo from beginning to end and doesn’t seem to drag even one bit. The music is good, but not exceptional. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable movie and as I said earlier it manages to blend romance and comedy perfectly.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The beauty of a woman

This is a video I chanced upon on the internet and it really touched me. It’s such a beautiful video that I am sure that it will touch your heart too. Hats off to the makers of the video, beautiful thought, beautiful film. Well to understand what I am talking about you will have to watch the video. It will really help you understand the beauty of a woman. The purity of her soul and mind. 

Beautiful Soul

Pure Soul
Now, really the strength of a woman is really something that is difficult for me to understand as a man, from where she draws the strength is really a mystery. A woman is always ready to take any responsibility she is given, ready for any challenge. I have never met a woman in my life till date who I have seen running away from a responsibility, while I have seen many men do that pretty easily. That’s why we have the words ‘ REAL MAN ‘ when it comes to describing a man who doesn’t run away from his responsibilities. But, have you ever heard the usage of the term,  ‘ REAL WOMAN’, well I haven’t. 

I will look at this from an Indian context. Let’s see the various stages in a woman’s life. As a daughter a woman is expected to be an emotional anchor to the family and look in to the house hold responsibilities as well. Be it cooking food, to be it taking care of the family. The boys of the house rarely do this. The list can go on and on, but I don’t want to dwell on it and write something that can be misinterpreted, so to just sum up it’s the daughter who has in most cases been the emotional anchor for the parents and has been Daddy’s princess and Mommy’s best friend. 

As a wife the woman is an emotional anchor for her husband and normally makes him a civilized human being. The socks which used to lie on the chairs and couches start going into the sock drawers. The milk starts going from carton to glasses, rather than carton into the mouth directly. Well I don’t want to generalize, but that’s what happens in most cases. Furthermore, it’s the woman who leaves her house to join her husband in his home. How many men can do that? Leaving a house you are born and brought up in. Leaving your old life behind to join in to a new life and settle with a new family. 

The mother’s role is something I cannot describe. I mean just look at a mother, the number of sacrifices she does for her child and her family. Some women quit working and sometimes change their social circles just so that their child gets a better future. The most selfless person in this world according to me is the mother.
When God created man, he just created us. Of course we do have our qualities and traits. But, the kind of qualities he put into a woman is something we can only aspire about. Respect a woman, salute her for the person she is. And yes stop trying to change her, if you can be even 50% of what she is, consider it an achievement. 

Watch the Video here click on the link given below

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