Friday, June 20, 2014

England decide to buy the World-Cup

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Mario Balotelli scores the winner for Italy
The Football Association of England confirmed yesterday that they will be contacting FIFA and try and bid for the World Cup Trophy. The officials decided to do this after the team suffered a shock defeat ( it shocked them ) to Uruguay in the group stage match at the world cup. This came right after the other shock defeat England had suffered at the hands of Italy a few days ago in their opening game of the World Cup. The officials further pointed out that they lost both the matches 2-1, which they said meant, 'TO WON', which they further confirmed meant, 'TO BE WON'. The FA has taken this as a sign meaning that the World Cup is theirs, 'TO BE WON'. Now, since the players haven't been able to win it since 1966 when they had last won it on home soil, the board has decided to try and convince FIFA to let them bid for the CUP.

Luis Suarez scores his first goal

When asked about it, former England and Manchester United player, Paul Scholes said, " I feel England are past their prime and should concentrate on trying to get the cup home by any means possible". Lots of former players also echoed this sentiment. The pensioners association of England have confirmed that they will be donating half their savings to the FA to try and Bid for the cup. The Queen has confirmed the move by the FA and has wished them all the best, she also said that the cup will look great in her showcase and that the FA should leave no stones unturned in trying to get the cup.

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