Saturday, February 6, 2010


You are my world, You are the reason I want to live,
I promise you I will give you all the love I can give,
O how beautiful are you, I don’t know how to tell you,
Whenever I am with you, I feel happy, I feel new.

I want to be with you, I want to be near,
I am scared that you’d leave me, that is my greatest fear,
Every breath I take makes me want you more,
The way I feel now, I have never felt this way before.

Whenever I look at you, your beauty mesmerizes me,
The eternal urn of innocence in you I see,
Why do I feel I want to keep looking at you forever,
Just stay there enthralled, without wanting to go ever.

Promise me you will never leave me, you will never go,
Without you in my life, what would I do, I don’t know,
I won’t be able to live, I would be all alone,
Without you I would just exist, but my life would be all gone.

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