Monday, March 16, 2015

Not a movie review Dum lagake haisha

Well I just saw the film Dum Lagake Haisha and this time after watching a film I don't feel like reviewing the film but I really feel like thinking what this film tells us about life and how beautiful it is
As the poster claims love comes in all sizes .... Yes love does come in all sizes but love also comes in all colors.... That's what the movie got me thinking. You know like when I hear relatives discussing suitable grooms and brides in functions the most common thing that I get to hear is yes the girl is fair, yes the boy is tall, yes she looks good, yes he is an engineer, etc etc .... Really these are our parameters of choosing a suitable bride or a groom... So what happens to all the dark girls and short boys and non educated lot out there... Most of the times they have to go for what they get ... Is that the truth.... Well if you look at the society we live in today ... Maybe yes ... But maybe no as well.... Because sometimes yes sometimes this tingly feeling called love manages to smudge these things and create magic.

So if you ask me what is love.... Well it's the magic that makes life beautiful... And not because you get butterflies in your stomach but because it transcends everything ... Color , weight , height , race, religion , money.... Love manages to make these things appear negligible. 

That's what you'll see in this movie, and if you watch you'll see how by understanding someone you'll be able to know the real beauty of that person and just good looks don't mean anything if you don't have a beautiful soul. 

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