Thursday, October 22, 2015

Not a film review Shaandaar

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Shaandaar is the story of two families who fix up a wedding as a business deal to save their respective fortunes.

As far as the story or plot of this film goes , there is absolutely none. The film disappoints in a big way in that department. Lots of mindless jokes make up for the plot line. 

The film is visually stunning and you'll just love the way it's shot. I mean seriously as far as the visuals are concerned the film looks spectacular, I wish the same could be said about the story. 

The actors have done a decent job, Shahid, Alia, Pankaj Kapoor, Sanjay Kapoor , Sushma Seth everyone has done justice to the parts they were given. 

Music is peppy and nice and tries to lift this movie. But without a basic plot it just keeps drifting mindlessly and becomes a drag after a point of time. 

Vikas Bhal gave us the entertaining Queen, and now this. I seriously don't know what made him make this film. 

As far as the rating goes I would like to give this film two stars just for the visuals and music. This is one which is worth giving a miss and saving some of your hard earned cash in these times of high prices. 

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