Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tamasha Review - Such a Beautiful journey

Tamasha is a simple story, more than a story it is a journey. Ved , who has grown up listening to stories meets Tara on an exotic island by chance. They decide to make their story different. So they decide that they will just lie and live a lie in this whole trip together. That's Tamasha, Living this lie, and enjoying this vacation, they start liking each other, but then this is all a lie, so in the end they have to leave each other and go back to their real lives. So, what happens after the holiday, do they meet again , and what will happen when they meet and see the real them.

Well watch the film to know all that. 

This is a beautiful film, should not be missed, you will love this simple story, you’ll love the chemistry between Ranbir and Deepika. Performances by both have been pretty good. The cinematography of this film is mesmerizing, you’ll just want to get lost in Corsica. The music is soulful. Imtiaz Ali’s as always narrates a beautiful tale. 

Enjoy this one, it’s one of those beautiful journeys. 

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