Sunday, February 2, 2014

India's Shame- Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

    It’s been more than a year since the International Olympic committee (IOC) suspended the Indian Olympic Association for violating its charter, and doing things like electing leaders with pending criminal charges, well we keep doing that all the time in India don’t we. But the thing is the IOC gave these bumbling buffoons a deadline to fix the entire mess and guess what, they didn’t and it doesn’t look as if it’s going to be fixed anytime before the 7th of February which is the date of the opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympics.  

So what does it mean?

    There are three Olympic contenders representing India in this winter Olympics, but they won’t be able to fly the Indian Flag in the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and will be walking under the Olympic banner and neither will they be able to wear the Indian insignia anywhere on their person. So basically they will be like independent athletes representing no country. The Indian national anthem will not be played if the win medals. Basically there won’t be any India in the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia. 
This basically reduces the status of India from a functioning (so called functioning) democracy to a banana republic. We are now officially in the same league as South Africa was once put in when it had Apartheid practiced and other nations in the world facing civil war and with no effective recognized government. The more frustrating of funny thing, I don’t know what expression to give it, maybe just plainly stupid thing is that the IOC had given our moronic ministers or administrators until the 7th of February to hold the elections and what do they do they schedule the election on February 9th , two days after the opening ceremony. Now, if that’s not moronic what is?

The curious case of North Korea

    However, having said that and yes I don’t mean to justify the position taken by the moronic morons of the Indian Olympic Association in any way. I just want to ask something out of general curiosity to the IOC. How, in the world do you verify the credibility of the North Korean Olympic Association ? Do you take a personally signed letter from the leader of the country to say that the North Korean Olympic Commitee or Olympic Committee of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea as it is called has followed or follows all the rules framed by the IOC to elect their committee leader? 

Shame Shame

    Okay North Korea was just a mention, I don’t want to dwell on it that’s for the IOC to think or consider. What’s appalling here is the behaviour of the officials of the IOA. They seem least bothered of the fact , whether the Indian Tricolour flies high or not in the winter Olympics. They simply don’t care.  One of the factors contributing to this official apathy maybe that we have just 3 athletes in the winter Olympics, maybe if we had as many athletes in the winter Olympics as we have in the summer version, then there would have been more noise in the country with a of of political parties jumping into the fray for free publicity. That would in turn have led to the IOA officials being forced to react.
But, that’s not the case here, and we will have to see our athletes representing us in their hearts and minds and with no national insignia. For one of the world’s largest democracy that is a shameful fact. These athletes sweat their heart out to try and reach that stage and once they reach the Olympic stage, they try their best to bring glory to their nation. Shouldn’t we as Indians be ashamed of the fact that our sportsmen are being treated in such a manner or should we just ignore it as it has nothing to do with cricket? We go for a lot of demonstrations and candle marches for a lot of pressing issues, don’t you think their case requires our support.  As, an Indian I feel ashamed about the way the country’s’ athletes are treated from time to time, when will we as Indians try and raise our voice against this official apathy and babudom.

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