Thursday, February 20, 2014

Movie Review - Gunday

Cast: Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Irfan Khan
Directed by: Ali Abbas Zafar
Produced by: Aditya Chopra
Cinematography: Aseem Mishra
Music: Sohail Sen
Background Score: Julius Packiam
Rating : 3/5


Gunday is the story of two friends Bikram ( Ranveer Singh)and Bala (Arjun Kapoor), both orphans, together since childhood. The India- Pakistan War which lead to the creation of Bangladesh also resulted in a lot of refugees, who had no clue which side of the divide they belong to. Both, Bikram and Bala find themselves in a Bangladeshi refugee camp because of this. The situation inside the camp is desperate, with hunger being the main nemesis of everyone.  A man approaches them and offers them food, and in exchange asks them to help him smuggle guns out of the camp and sell it. They agree to become gun couriers for food.  But, then something unpleasant happens and circumstances force them to run away from Bangladesh and they reach Calcutta. 

They try to lead a honest life working in a small restaurant in Calcutta, but then again circumstances force them to leave the honest life and turn to crime. They start stealing coal from trains and selling them at half the price in the market.  Time passes and Bikram and Bala start smuggling everything from cola to steel and become the biggest crime lords of Calcutta. They are happy in their existence, but then the system decides to target them again, this time in the form of A.C.P. Satyajeet Sarkar (Irfan Khan), who is summoned to Calcutta to capture them. He warns them off and tells them that they will be finished the day he finds one shred of evidence against them. Meanwhile, both our Gangsters fall in love with the same girl Nandita ( Priyanka Chopra) a cabaret dancer, and both agree that whosoever she ends up loving will marry her. But, then life isn’t a bed of roses and not so especially if you are Bikram and Bala. One thing leads to another and you soon find them at loggerheads with each other.  

As far as the cinematography goes, the film is well shot. But, then the amount of Slow motion that has been used in the movie is just too much. Almost every second scene is in slow motion. I seriously believe that if you increase the speed of all the slow motion scenes the film will get over an hour earlier. The Music is good and the background score is also nice. The background score manages to lift the movie a bit. Ranveer Singh seems to have jumped in from the neighbouring Raam-Leela set and still in the same mood. But he does do justice to his part. Arjun Kapoor is still in Ishaqzaade, a little more in the second half of the film when it gets more serious. Irfan Khan is spectacular as the honest calculating cop. Priyanka Chopra has managed to do her role with sincerity, though it was not that challenging a role. 

The film starts in a slow manner and the first half does seem to drag, with not much happening. But, in the second half the film does pick up pace and does manage to bring out the best of all its actors. Loved the use of metaphors in the film, like a dove flying when both Bikram and Bala are about to fight each other, signifying the end of peace. The train passing in the background, when Bikram promises Nandini that he will mend his ways, signifying a new beginning.  The reflection in the mirror when looking as if Bala is pointing a gun at himself, signifying self destruction. Apart, from this, the cabaret looked too advanced for the 70’s and the heroes seemed to be inspired by the antics of Salman Khan while fighting, though he had not started acting in the 70’s.


Overall, this movie is a mixed bag. It has its highs and quite a few lows. It’s enjoyable in parts, the first part isn’t that enjoyable, but the second half has some good moments including the smart use of metaphors. Go watch it if you are a fan of Masala flicks, and oh if you love to whistle, then the movie will give you ample opportunity to do so.

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