Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The beauty of a woman

This is a video I chanced upon on the internet and it really touched me. It’s such a beautiful video that I am sure that it will touch your heart too. Hats off to the makers of the video, beautiful thought, beautiful film. Well to understand what I am talking about you will have to watch the video. It will really help you understand the beauty of a woman. The purity of her soul and mind. 

Beautiful Soul

Pure Soul
Now, really the strength of a woman is really something that is difficult for me to understand as a man, from where she draws the strength is really a mystery. A woman is always ready to take any responsibility she is given, ready for any challenge. I have never met a woman in my life till date who I have seen running away from a responsibility, while I have seen many men do that pretty easily. That’s why we have the words ‘ REAL MAN ‘ when it comes to describing a man who doesn’t run away from his responsibilities. But, have you ever heard the usage of the term,  ‘ REAL WOMAN’, well I haven’t. 

I will look at this from an Indian context. Let’s see the various stages in a woman’s life. As a daughter a woman is expected to be an emotional anchor to the family and look in to the house hold responsibilities as well. Be it cooking food, to be it taking care of the family. The boys of the house rarely do this. The list can go on and on, but I don’t want to dwell on it and write something that can be misinterpreted, so to just sum up it’s the daughter who has in most cases been the emotional anchor for the parents and has been Daddy’s princess and Mommy’s best friend. 

As a wife the woman is an emotional anchor for her husband and normally makes him a civilized human being. The socks which used to lie on the chairs and couches start going into the sock drawers. The milk starts going from carton to glasses, rather than carton into the mouth directly. Well I don’t want to generalize, but that’s what happens in most cases. Furthermore, it’s the woman who leaves her house to join her husband in his home. How many men can do that? Leaving a house you are born and brought up in. Leaving your old life behind to join in to a new life and settle with a new family. 

The mother’s role is something I cannot describe. I mean just look at a mother, the number of sacrifices she does for her child and her family. Some women quit working and sometimes change their social circles just so that their child gets a better future. The most selfless person in this world according to me is the mother.
When God created man, he just created us. Of course we do have our qualities and traits. But, the kind of qualities he put into a woman is something we can only aspire about. Respect a woman, salute her for the person she is. And yes stop trying to change her, if you can be even 50% of what she is, consider it an achievement. 

Watch the Video here click on the link given below

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