Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A life lived well REALLY

Money, why is it always about money, why does it become the ultimate motivator for everything. I mean what we need in life, is a place to stay and food to eat. The luxuries of life can be found in simple things as well. But, its always about more. So, is it money or is it ambition or is it just greed. When we have a house, we want a bigger house. When we have a car, we want a bigger car. When we have a smart phone, we want a smarter phone. When we can afford to eat simple food, we want to eat in an expensive restaurant.  We always want things which are out of our reach, we always want what we don’t have. Yes you can call it being ambitious. Some people term it wanting a better life. But, what is a better life, what is it that can be termed that this is a better life or the ultimate example of a great life. Does it mean having a big house, luxury cars, servants, the best of everything that is available on the planet currently. Most, of us yearn for all these things and firmly believe that these will give us a better life and those of us who have these things yearn for more. Once we have the best we will yearn for something which is better than the best.  So, what is ambition if not greed.
                Ask yourself, what according to you is a life well lived, a life filled with the thought of having more and more, or a life where your mind is at peace, with what you have. So, let us think about the mind for a moment. The thinking prowess that we have, because of the fact that we are human beings. It’s the mind which tells us that this is better and that is not. We think therefore we are. The point here is that we are constantly thinking of better things in life that we forget to appreciate the good things we have with us. A person who always keeps wanting is someone who’s mind is not at peace, do you think you can lead a good life if your mind is not at peace and you are constantly in a state of chaos. The truth is what we are ultimately searching for is a calm state of mind. We dream, we yearn and all the while we keep thinking that this is what I want, and soon enough the want becomes the need, and our mind is not at peace till the moment we fulfill that need. So, ultimately what we all want is to put our mind at peace. An unsettled mind is what fuels that hunger that ambition.
                Every one leads their own life and everyone wants to lead it their own way. It’s up to you what you want to do and what you ultimately end up doing. Remember, money is not something that should motivate you, never do anything for money. Rather, do something you like you love to do and money will flow eventually. The most successful people in this world are those people who have done what they wanted to do and they are successful because they love what they do and enjoy it. Whatever, you do in life always do it with all honesty and integrity and when you dream, don’t dream of materialistic pleasures, dream about what makes you happy, and then work on fulfilling these dreams. That’s how real happiness will come into your life. These are my views I am no preacher, no psychologist, I am just a dreamer like all of you. Like you I have heard the line I think therefore I am, but for me its I dream therefore I am.

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