Friday, January 17, 2014

Movie Review - The Wolf of Wall Street
The Wolf of Wall Street , based on the book, with the same name by motivational speaker Jordan Belfort is a story about, money , ambition, greed, lust, sex, drugs .. everything about the movie is in excess including its three hour length which can be considered obscene by Hollywood standards.. .. well now let’s talk about the movie in itself, it starts with a young Jordan Belfort getting a job in a stock broking firm L.F. Rothschild .. the firm goes defunct and Jordan is left jobless ... with some egging on by his wife he joins a penny stock trading firm .. operating out of a boiler room .. this is where his life changes ... conning people to invest into penny stocks starts giving him so much money that he decides to start off on his own and sets up his own firm Stratton Oakmont, along with a neighbour Donnie he met by chance and a couple of his old friends .So begins the story of the wolf of wall street .... From thousands to millions .... from a few employees to over a thousand employees .. Stratton Oakmont grows and grows... Belfort and his employees lead an obscenely outrageous lifestyle fuelled by drugs, sex and how can I forget Quaaludes ...
Now enough about the story ... let’s get to the film .... the film is very well made ... except for the three hour length I found every aspect of the movie enjoyable , even the three hour length doesn’t seem to hamper the film much as it manages to keep you intrigued and interested throughout its runtime .... Leonardo DiCaprio is simply superb in his portrayal of Jordan Belfort and you’ll thoroughly enjoy his work .. from the motivational speeches to the Quaaludes fuelled antics everything .... the scene where he drives home from the club in what he himself describes as the cerebral palsy phase after taking Quaaludes is hilarious.... Jonah Hill as Donnie Azoff is spectacular as well and he features far more prominently in the film than Belfort’s trophy wife Naomi (Margot Robbie) ... both Belfort and Donnie are addicted to Quaaludes, and both are capable of outrageously infant kind of antics after taking Quaaludes
The screenplay of the film is extremely witty and  full of swear words .. the music of the film is the blues of the 70’s and 80’s ... Martin Scorsese has made a thoroughly enjoyable film which does not lag for even one moment ... the stellar performances by its star cast adds to it.

now I need to say a few words for the Indian censor board .... why is there a disclaimer in the movie which says smoking is injuries  to health when they are snorting cocaine .... and why is there no disclaimer when they are taking Quaaludes  .... if you can put a disclaimer on smoking .. because you think the Indian audience is immature enough to follow it if you don’t put a disclaimer the what about drugs .. are we mature enough to handle it  ... further more .. you brand it an adult film .. you can show drugs and violence and blood .. while you chop off the sex and nudity ... what kind of twisted mentality is that ... aren’t we as adults mature enough to see it ... NUTS 
Now back to the film  this in one film that should not be missed ... go watch it and enjoy it for the film it is  ... the Wolf of Wall street is still roaring .. go watch it .. My rating 4/5

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