Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Senseless, Nonsense called AdSense

I am writing this post with utter frustration. I don’t know what the people in Google are doing and why their systems are so sucked up.
Let me begin by going back to my last post on my YouTube Monetization issue, you might want read about my sufferings here.

AdSense  trying to make sense

Now after that ordeal, I was at least happy that my AdSense account was partially approved and that it showed that just AdSense for content review is pending. Oh BTW my adsense account is linked to this blog and not my YouTube Account, so I just gave the AdSense account details to Youtube, because I use the same ID to sign in. So my YouTube account said your account is now linked to the adsense account provided. I was happy that the step one was completed. Whenever I logged in into my Adsense account it used to show me two notifications.

Notification 1 : Your Adsense for content review is pending and your earnings will show up depending on the fact whether its Approved or Disapproved.
Notification 2 : Your YouTube Earnings will be credited to your AdSense account at the 15th of every month. 

I was also happy about the fact that there was one video on my YouTube account that was monetized and I will at least get peanut payments out of it. I need to tell  that all my content was original and I had about 500 visitors per day on to my blog because i was promoting the blog on all available platforms. 

AdSense no its AdNonSense

Sure, enough after a few days of waiting and logging in and out of my AdSense account and seeing the same notifications every day , Yesterday I received a mail from google Adsense.
As mentioned in our welcome email, we conduct a second review of your AdSense application once AdSense code is placed on your site(s). As a result of this review, we have disapproved your account for the following violation(s):

Site does not comply with Google policies 

So I say all these days of waiting has gone down the drain and I am pretty sure no one ever bothered to check the content of the blog or for that matter even read it. Fine, I will have to apply again. Resigned to the fact I go to my YouTube account and the YouTube account shows that your adsense account is connected to, so I click to change AdSense account setting, Google asks me to re confirm my password and it takes me to the page which asks me to resubmit my application for AdSense and the URL link is my blog http://theritespace.blogspot.in/ that makes very little sense to me as I am trying to find out about my YouTube earnings and not my blogger earnings.  Fine, so it’s the URL I used to submit my application in the first place and they are showing it. But since I want to connect my YouTube channel I want to change that URL and Google doesn’t allow it.   

Fine so how do I see my YOUTUBE EARNINGS.  The answer to this question comes in the form of a mail from YouTube the next day.
Dear Gaurav Ail,
You may have recently closed your AdSense account or received an email from adsense-noreply@google.com about your AdSense application being disapproved. Without a valid AdSense account, you cannot participate in YouTube's monetization programs.
To associate an approved AdSense account with YouTube, please visit your Monetization tab. If you are not eligible for this feature and manage your account in CMS, please visit your AdSense Setting.

Wow so since you disapproved my AdSense account because you didn’t find content appealing in my blog you tell me that your monetization of your YouTube account has been stopped and you can do nothing about it. I go to the monetization settings and what do I see there a RED DOT . So since the red dot is there I can’t do anything about it and I mean absolutely nothing, I can’t even switch to a new AdSense account  ( of course I will have to go through this brain draining process again for that ) because there is a bloody RED DOT. 

Senseless AdSense
So my only option is to try and re submit my application using my blog URL even if I want to Monetize the videos on my YouTube account and then wait for some divine intervention for the computers which operate the Google servers to approve my application. Totally Nonsense. I don’t understand why is AdSense required in the first place. I put in a request , you verify my Youtube video every time I upload it. So, you will be putting adverts to it only if the video is with agreement of google guidelines. One of my videos even managed that and was readily monetizing. But, only because the AdSense account got disapproved, you take off all my earnings from YouTube as well. Why can’t google ask for a direct account number to pay the money or make the payments through Paypal. WHY ADSENSE. 
Disapproved after First Approval

The fact of the matter is that Google holds a monopoly in the online advertising market and is being too senseless about it. If I want to monetize my blog or my YouTube account and it’s your platform and you are the only ones who can host adverts there , at least keep a team to analyze the data and verify it. Further why should the URL be static and not changeable. I mean I understand people do tend to make multiple applications, but the point here is that people still do that , but they do that by creating multiple gmail id’s, and what if in the first place someone has done a spelling mistake while typing the URL itself.
Making an Adsense account compulsory for everything and shutting down payments in one platform if the account gets disapproved for CONTENT in another platform is stupid and senseless. Then why give a first stage approval in the first place and allow to connect the YouTube account to it if you mean to disapprove the AdSense account completely and chuck both the connections. I mean I can’t monetize my YouTube content even when i am at a good standing just because I don’t have an approved adsense account , and I can’t even take approval using my YouTube channel just because the URL supplied to you is that of my Blog. This is total nonsense and doesn’t make sense.
I just hope that some other provider is able to break Google’s stranglehold on the online advertising market and make life better for us.

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