Friday, January 31, 2014

Smartphones are taking over the world

Mobile Phones, in the last ten years they have become synonymous with our life. I mean most of us can’t imagine a life without them. The keep us so connected to everyone. First came the Phone calls and SMS’s , then came the messaging services , then came social networking sites on phones. In the past few years there has been a revolution in the mobile phone industry , all thanks to Apple and its iPhone. From being devices to talk and message , the humble mobile phone changed completely and became capable of doing a variety of things, like money transfer , painting , gaming, video editing, photography, eBook reader, and a lot more. The iPhone started the revolution which made the mobile phone a Smart Phone.

Everything on my Phone
Now, this is not about which phone you have, it might be Android or IOS or Windows, but if you own a smart phone there are a variety of things you can do with them, which undoubtedly makes life a lot easier to live. These smart phones give us a lot of conveniences, like what I mentioned earlier; let’s say you suddenly remember that it’s the last day to pay your power bill and you are out enjoying a holiday, guess what you have your phone in your pocket , you can take it out and use it to pay your bills. Putting a reminder on your Smartphone would have ensured that you don’t miss paying your bill or for that matter it can even ensure that you don’t miss your anniversary or your wife’s birthday. For, these things you won’t even need a reminder, if these things are mentioned on facebook or any other online forum which is synced with your phone then the phone will remind you automatically.  That apart you can do all sorts of other things like

·         Check the latest stock prices or Gold prices.
·         Listen to the latest Music or the Golden Oldies.
·         Play some Amazing Games.
·         Connect with almost everyone on the planet via social networking platforms.
·         Educational apps help you study.
·         Stay updated of the latest News and happenings.
·         Learn a new recipe.
·         Search for the nearest restaurant or places of interest, this can be done sometimes by just pointing the camera of the phone in a particular direction. 

Well, this list could be endless, that’s why the phone is called a Smartphone.
                So, how smart is the Smartphone, well if you ask me, really Smart, from what I am seeing its able to control not just everything happening in our lives, but our lives as well. What in the world am I talking about, well read on 

Everyone on their Phones
Whenever, you travel, by travel I mean just stepping out of the house, just try to observe the people around you, you’ll find that most of them are glued to their phones, Board a bus or a train, people are sitting there inside the bus or train with you but are someplace else. Some are listening to music, but most of them you’ll find are just looking into their phones. I mean we all travel to work or for personal purposes daily and we let the world pass by. We, never pay any attention to what’s happening around us anymore, we just look into our phones and are happy in our own world.  Some time ago I was standing at a railway platform with a friend or mine, when he told me, “Hey look I just read on twitter someone was hit by a train right here on this station, and guess what we realized that we were standing about 10 meters away from the point where the incident had happened. There was a crowd of people surrounding the injured man. Thankfully, he was just slightly hit by the train and looked woozy, no major damage dome. The point is we were standing right there but we never realized that something had happened and we actually needed a Smartphone to tell us that.  But, that’s the reality now a day’s more than news papers Twitter has become the fastest news channel in the world. Even when the American special forces went to capture Osama Bin Laden it was a Tweet that diverted the world’s attention towards it. The point which I am trying to stress here is that we are a lot into our phones, people are always doing something or the other , even when travelling , we are just looking into the screen, playing games , scrolling twitter feeds, making  a comment on facebook, sending a message on whatsapp and lots of other things. 

Social Disconnect
When was the last time you sat with your family or friends and had a healthy discussion or friendly banter for 15 minutes without looking into or looking for your phone? Yesterday or ever other day, congratulations you are in control of your life, if not your phone is controlling you. What the growth of Social media has done is made us forget about the people who are close to us, who live with us. Yes but that’s the harsh truth when it comes to the smart phones. Even when we are home , we tend to have the phone in our hand. We are either playing games, or on social networking platforms, chatting with someone far far away while ignoring those who are sitting with us.
                Things are simple as watching T.V. together have become a rarity, even when the whole family is sitting together watching television we might end up staring into the screen of our Smartphone. That’s how we are getting disconnected with those who are close to us. Social networking platforms, help us connect with a lot of people, they have their advantages, but they are leading to a social disconnect in the real worlds. Nowadays, the son doesn’t know his mom or for that matter the mom doesn’t know her son is, she might have to look at his facebook account to see where he has checked in. The simple pleasures of a simple phone call have become a rarity. We use our phone to call people mostly when we have some work or when we need something. The concept of a call to ask how are you is gone, we just Whatsapp that. 

The world is passing by
                The world is passing by while you are glued to your phone and zoned out. When was the last time you looked out of the window of the bus or train you are travelling in? Have you observed the vibrant colors or shades surrounding you. Have you seen the beauty that surrounds you or for that matter the person sitting next to you on the bus or train. As, we spend more and more time just playing around with our phones and living in the virtual world disconnected from the real world we fail to realize that we are missing out on lots of things around us. If you really try to analyze and you find that you do spend more time in a day on your phone than talking to real people then you really need to start drawing the line. The line where you will self consciously tell yourself to drop that phone and get talking to real people on a face to face basis and get connected to the real world.  
There is beauty all around you

The fact of the matter is that Smartphone are good, any technology or advancement in technology is good for us as it gives us a lot of conveniences and makes our lives a lot easier to live. But, there is point till where that is true, when you start to realize that your fascination with the technology is becoming an addiction that is when you need to step back a little. Next time you travel try keeping your phone inside your bag and try to see what is going on around you, I am sure you’ll find a lot of people looking into their phones, ignore that, look at other things, observe people, surroundings. Try to find beauty in this world. Try interacting with real people, spend some time with your family, and understand that being there with people should mean really being there and not just being present and being mentally someplace else. Try it and you’ll know what you have been missing.

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