Saturday, January 18, 2014

Jab Tak Hain Jaan - Old Facebook Review

This is a Review I had written after seeing the movie First Day First Show on 13 November 2012 on Facebook .. Posting this here for all the non FB to read
Ok First Day First Show after a long long time .... JAB TAK HAIN JAAN...Yashji didn't disappoint .. typical YRF with all the emotions and love in it ... not all may like it because we are now used to mindless comedy ..... The length of this film is too long ... runtime of 3 hours ... but personally I enjoyed watching a love story develop slowly like it happens in real life .. SRK was good in the first half ... but excellent in the second when all the intense emotions started becoming part of the script ... Anushka Sharma is awesome she is a better actress than Katrina .. sorry Kat fans but in this movie Anushka excels .. after a long time actresses had work to do and not be just eye candy and Anushka does very well... the scenes are just beautiful .. London looks awesome .. but Leh, Laddhak and Kashmir look even better ... except for the length I found the movie very enjoyable ... but as I said not all may enjoy it ... go for it with a mindset that this is not going to be a brainless flick and neither a quick flick where scenes go really fast ... the film runs slowly and pics up steadily ... and haha on a lighter note SRK has kissed on screen and doesn't do a great job with it ... The Music is not that great .. Overall 4 stars

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