Friday, January 17, 2014

Proud to be an Indian

Here is a link to a Short film we made some time ago, this was made specifically for the Advantage India Festival Florence Italy

Director : Ashish Rampal
DOP. : Gaurav. C. Ail
Produced by : Ashish Rampal
Ankush Salgothra
Gaurav. C. Ail
Yogesh Dube
Robin Rebello
Anuraag Jaiswal
Amrisha Ahuja
and Others

I had a fantastic time making this film with Ashish, we toured around the whole city to get the montage shots... from Chor bazar to Haji Ali to Shivaji Park to Musafirkhana ... I mean it was an awesome time I have even done a scene in the film and so has my DAD :P ... and guess what this film got selected for the festival.

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