Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Are we all just existing

   One of the biggest mysteries in life comes to our mind when the question pops up, are we living or just existing? And what does it mean to just exist and not live? I have been thinking about this since some time now, and am I any close to the answer nope I don’t think so. It’s one of those big mysteries in life for me. Most of us on this planet have a fixed schedule for most of our days. We wake up, go to work, come back home tired and then just go to sleep. The most amazing thing here is most of us work because we have to feed ourselves and our family and not because we like the work we are doing. It’s just a few lucky people in this world who are doing what they want to do in life. But, have you ever wondered, are these people really lucky or were they determined enough to fight the odds stacked against them and just refused to join the rat race.

    The gist of the matter is that most of us had big dreams when we were children, the time when we were carefree and when we had no responsibilities and had a very free and open mind to think or accept anything. But then as we grew up, a lot of responsibilities started falling on our shoulders and everyone started expecting things from us. So as a responsible grown up we convinced ourselves that dreams are just that ... Dreams and it’s time to wake up  and you don’t dream when you are awake. So, we joined the rat race , to earn more money, to buy that big house, to drive around town in that luxury car and the latest gadgets and of course cool clothes. Yes, our dreams never stopped, we never stopped dreaming. It’s just that our dreams changed from becoming to having. From being what you wanted to be the idea changed to being rich. Everyone wants to be rich , well almost everyone. Our dreams just got materialistic they never stopped.

    As we are grownups now, we apply more logic to our thinking, we no longer think freely like children. We are no longer carefree and we are burdened by responsibilities. So we have started thinking about the stuff we want rather than the life we want. But that’s not the only thing, we have also come to realize the responsibilities we have towards our family and the society as a whole. So does thinking about our dreams make us selfish, in a way it does, because you will be only thinking about your dreams and not anyone else’s. Yes if you have secured your family then there is nothing stopping you from pursuing your dreams. If you still stop then you are being plain straight lazy.  But then the question still remains unanswered are you living or just existing. 

   What is important in life is to work towards making your dreams come true. What I feel is it’s not about living or existing, but about trying. Whatever the time, whatever the age, remember it’s never too late to try and make your dreams come true. Remember it’s better to try and fail than not to try at all. Go ahead Live, don’t just exist.

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